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Facility Information

System Introduction

Hiroshima Port Container Terminal Operating System HiDECS

The container terminal operation system, which consists of a CY operation system, yard control system, and ship planning system, allows us to check container cargo information, such as the movement status of ships and containers, cargo handling status, and customs clearance information in real time, 24 hours a day. We have also introduced a new "ETC Gate Authentication System".

ETC Gate Authentication System

By using ETC device that is mounted on chassis heads, the movement of ships and containers in and out of the yard can be automatically viewed to ensure smooth passage through the gate. In addition, cargo-handling equipment in the yard also identify vehicles that are equipped with ETC in-vehicle units to respond promptly.

Authentication Process

  • 1Shipping freight handling agent enters container information into HiDECS WEB (work order).
  • 2Marine container transporter registers vehicle and driver for work order (data entry).
  • 3Work instruction email is automatically sent to driver's mobile phone.
  • 4The gate's DSRC antenna automatically authenticates vehicles equipped with ETC in-vehicle units (no ETC card required, no need to present an ID card).
  • 5The vehicle passes through the gate, and enters the terminal.
  • 6In the container yard, cargo-handling equipment such as transfer cranes identify vehicles that are equipped with ETC in-vehicle units (no admission instructions need to be presented).

3 Advantages

  • Significant reduction of
    gate transit time
  • Prevention of data entry mistakes
    and human error
  • Reduction of driver shortages and improvement of track operation rate, by reducing waiting time
  • Container loading/unloading management using gate system

  • Container storage management using yard system

  • HiDECS Information Service
    • Vessel Schedule
    • Cargo Handling Information
    • Container Status
    • Import Clearance Information (in cooperation with Sea-NACCS)
    • Empty Container Pickup Order Reception
    • Inspection Information (customs, plant quarantine, animal quarantine, freezing)
    • Container Unloading Acceptance/Rejection (by smartphone/mobile device)

Hiroshima Container Application System Hi-CAS

Upon receiving an application for the use of our facilities, we provide usage information for port and harbor facilities in real time.

  • Application for use of container terminal equipment

    Mooring, water supply, gantry crane, vanning yard

  • Berth usage status (daily/weekly) inquiry

  • Display of docking and undocking times of all ships for each quay

  • Hi-CAS Top page

  • Berth usage status (weekly)

  • Hiroshima Container Application System Hi-CAS
    • Applications for mooring, water supply for shops, gantry cranes, and the use of vanning yards can be submitted on the web!
    • You can also check the berth usage status (daily, weekly) on the web 24 hours a day.

Incentive System

  • Export and import container support

    In April 2013, we started providing subsidies under the "Utilization Promotion Subsidy System" for export container cargo, in order to increase the volume of containers handled at Hiroshima Port.

    Support fund 5,000 yen/TEU
    (20 ft = 1 TEU, 40 ft = 2 TEU)
    Target conditions Container cargo newly exported or imported using Hiroshima Port (more than 10 TEU per year)
    Credit limit 1 million yen per project
    Implemented by Hiroshima Port Promotion Association
  • Trial transport support

    Target Shippers and logistics companies
    Requirements Cargo newly exported or imported using Hiroshima Port
    Support Up to 1 million yen per project, for the expense of trial transport
    Target expenses Ocean freight, domestic transport costs, cargo handling costs, storage costs, import/export procedures, customs fees, etc.
    Implemented by Hiroshima Port & Harbor Administrating Center Co., Ltd.
  • Promotion of opening new routes

    Target Ship companies
    Requirements Establish a new Southeast Asia route at Hiroshima Port
    Support fund 10 million yen
    Implemented by Hiroshima Port & Harbor Administrating Center Co., Ltd.

Introduction Videos

Route Schedule

You can check the service status of regular routes at the following link.


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