Kaita Ohashi Bridge

海田大橋 全景

Kaita Ohashi Bridge, completed in December 1990, is a long bridge that was constructed to promote the smooth distribution of port cargo in the eastern section of Hiroshima Port, and to mitigate urban traffic congestion.
Designed in the motif of the O-Torii Gate of Aki Miyajima, the bridge blends in with the natural environment. It is illuminated at night to add color to the calm atmosphere of Hiroshima Bay.

  • 海田大橋 昼
  • 海田大橋 夜
  • 海田大橋
Hiroshima Bay CamerasView
  • 広島わんがんカメラ 撮影画像
  • 広島わんがんカメラ 撮影画像

Hiroshima Bay cameras are installed at fixed locations along bay roads in Hiroshima Prefecture. Visit the site to view photos that are updated every 10 minutes.
You can use these cameras at any time to learn the latest information about traffic conditions, which can be difficult to understand through radio broadcasts alone. Use the Hiroshima Bay cameras to check road conditions before leaving for work, going shopping, or going out with your family!


Route Dejima-Kaita Line Harbor Road
Location From Niho Oki-machi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City to Eastern Distribution Complex in Saka-machi, Aki-gun (Hiroshima Port)
Completed December 6, 1990 (service commencement)
Bridge length 550.0 m (main bridge)
Maximum span length 250.0 m
Design load First class bridge, TL-20 TT-43
Superstructure 3-span continuous steel-box girder bridge
Max. girder height 9.0 m
Effective width 16.5 m
Road width 14.0 m
Under-girder height (sea route) 30.0 m
Managed by Hiroshima Port & Harbor Administrating Center Co., Ltd.
Nickname Hiroshima Bay Bridge


Classification Toll Rate (1 time) Vehicle Classification
Standard-size car 100yen Light cars, small motorbikes (except 125 cc or less), small-sized special cars, compact/standard cars, light/standard trucks (total weight less than 8 tons), micro buses (up to 29 passengers)
Large vehicle 150yen Heavy trucks (total weight up to 20 tons), large buses (up to 29 passengers, overall length less than 9 meters)
Over-sized vehicle 200yen Large trucks (other than above), large buses (30 or more passengers, total weight of 8 tons or more)
Standard-size car General Midnight to 6 a.m. 100yen Same as above
6 p.m. to 9 a.m. 90yen
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 100yen
5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 90yen
8 p.m. to Midnight 100yen
Persons with
physical disabilities
Large vehicle Other than scheduled route buses 120yen
Scheduled route buses 110yen
Over-sized vehicle 160yen

Vehicles that are not allowed on the bridge

  • - Vehicles with caterpillar tracks or tank treads
  • - Vehicles with a total weight or overall length that exceeds the maximum stipulated in Items 1 to 5, Paragraph 1, Article 3 of the Vehicle Regulations Order
  • - Vehicles with inappropriate capacity
  • - Motorbikes of 125 cc or smaller
  • - Pedestrians, bicycles

Refund procedure for toll tickets for Kaita Ohashi Bridge harbor road (Hiroshima Prefecture website)

Inquiries regarding fees for Kaita Ohashi Bridge

Port and Harbor Promotion Division, Public Works Bureau, Hiroshima Prefectural Government
TEL 082-513-4019
Kaita Ohashi Bridge Management Office
TEL 082-884-2621

Inquiries regarding the use of ETC for Kaita Ohashi Bridge

Hiroshima Expressway Public Corporation (Hiroshima Expressway)
TEL 082-250-1181

Inquiries regarding toll roads near Kaita Ohashi Bridge

Hiroshima Expressway, Hiroshima Expressway Public Corporation
TEL 082-508-6848
Hiroshima - Kure Road, NEXCO West Japan Customer Center
TEL 0120-924863
TEL 06-6876-9031
Hiroshima - Kumano Road, Hiroshima Prefectural Road Public Corporation
TEL 082-888-6566

If objects are dropped from Kaita Ohashi Bridge or there is any damage to related facilities, please contact us at 082-250-7160.


  • QWhat is the toll rate for Kaita Ohashi Bridge? Are there discounts?


    Please refer to the fees listed on our website.

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