container terminal

Facility Information

Kaita Container Terminal

This terminal has 3 gantry cranes, 2 -7.5 m quays, and a container freight station. As a second international terminal for Hiroshima Port, it is used primarily for handling automobile parts, etc.

Terminal Equipment

  • コンテナフレート ステーション(C.F.S)

  • Gantry crane

Terminal Layout

Facilities Outline

Terminal area
-7.5m x 260m (1berth)
-7.5m x 390m (1berth)
Gantry cranes
30.5-t hoist x 3 units (Lift height: 27.5 m, Outreach: 23.5 m)
Reefer plugs
Container storage space
Approx. 3,000 TEU


Classification Facility Unit Price
Mooring facilities Water depth -7.5m quay

Per ton of total tonnage per mooring

Classification Ocean-going vessel Other vessels
Up to 2 hours 2.55yen 2.79yen
2 to 4 hours 2.98yen 3.25yen
4 to 6 hours 3.41yen 3.73yen
6 to 12 hours 4.55yen 4.99yen
12 to 24 hours 6.07yen 6.66yen
Each additional 24 hours 8.09yen 8.90yen
Cargo handling facilities Gantry crane 34,650yen every 30 minutes
Cargo handling locations
- Container yard
- Vanning yard
- Hazardous material yard, etc.
8.36yen per 1 m² per day
Container freight station 23.88yen per 1m² per day